Helping attorneys and their clients to achieve economic justice


Brandt Forensic Economics provides effective, custom, proven analysis for your unique loss claim.

Bill Brandt serves his clients by crystalizing his analysis into an in-depth report while adhering to the most current nationally acceptable economic methods. Whether your case requires a life care plan, tax effecting calculation, income loss of any type, or wrongful death analysis Bill will be happy to discuss, at no cost except your time, each aspect of your case with you to determine if his services will be necessary.

As an experienced expert witness in both Federal and State Courts Bill will be able to provide services from the beginning of your case through to the end of trial, including the analysis of the opposing economic expert. Contact us to learn more about his services.

“Forensic economics is the scientific discipline that applies economic theories and methods to the issue of pecuniary damages as specified by case law and legislative codes.”